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Talia Adi

MSTP STUDENT E-MAIL: PHONE: 412-648-8182   EDUCATION: BA Molecular Neuroscience & Physiology, Hampshire College   THINGS THAT ITCH ME: people who interrupt you mid-sentence & fake phone calls ITCHY-FOOT DESTINATIONS:  The Maldives & New Zealand ITCHIN’ TO TRY: salsa dancing & baking my own bread

Lindsey Snyder

CURRENT VP OF RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT AT FARMACEUTIALRX E-MAIL: PHONE: 412-624-8182   EDUCATION: B.S. Allegheny College Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh   THINGS THAT ITCH ME: baking, traffic, and how much my dog sheds ITCHY-FOOT DESTINATION: the pacific northwest, including Yellowstone national park ITCHIN’ TO TRY: cage diving with great white sharks

Amy Sentis

MSTP STUDENT E-MAIL: PHONE: 412-648-8182   THINGS THAT ITCH ME: people walking slow in front of me ITCHY-FOOT DESTINATION: Greek islands ITCHIN’ TO TRY: windsurfing