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Monica Domaracki

FORMER STAFF PHONE: 412-648-8182   EDUCATION: B.S. University of Adelaide, Australia   THINGS THAT ITCH ME: Egotistical people and cold weather ITCHY-FOOT DESTINATION: To revisit the most beautiful place on Earth, the Cook Islands ITCHIN’ TO TRY: Sand boarding on Kangaroo Island, South Australia.  Zorbing in New Zealand.  Deep sea fishing in the South Pacific   SCRATCHIN’ AN […]

Xiaoyun Cai

FORMER STAFF E-MAIL: PHONE: 412-648-8182   EDUCATION: B.S. Nankai University, China Ph.D. Fudan University, China   THINGS THAT ITCH ME: Things that itch me should be that it is so difficult to settle down.  However, someone said that “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re fonna gert”, which means you can […]

Adam Kardon

FORMER STAFF E-MAIL: PHONE: 412-648-8182   EDUCATION: B.S. Vassar College   THINGS THAT ITCH ME: Excessive online chat lingo, The New York Yankees, romantic comedies ITCHY-FOOT DESTINATION: The Himalayans, to hike Mt. Everest ITCHIN’ TO TRY: Kite surfing, durian (a husky southeast Asian fruit, known for its large size, thorns, and unpleasant smell)   SCRATCHIN’ AN ITCH: Adam is […]

Junichi Hachisuka

CURRENT SENIOR LECTURER IN NEUROSCIENCE, UNIVERSITY OF GLASGOW   EDUCATION: B.S. Nagoya University, Japan M.D. Nagoya University, Japan Ph.D. Kyushu University, Japan   THINGS THAT ITCH ME: candy sticking between the teeth ITCHY-FOOT DESTINATIONS: three-star restaurants all over the world ITCHIN’ TO TRY: fish yellowtail