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Yu Omori

VISITING SCHOLAR E-MAIL: PHONE: 412-648-8182   EDUCATION: B.S. Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University Ph.D. University of Toyama (Kuraishi Lab)   THINGS THAT ITCH ME: itch of back (i’m stiff) ITCHY-FOOT DESTINATION: the world’s largest salt flat, Salar De Uyuni ITCHING TO TRY: a world cruise by ASUKA II/Queen Elizabeth

Huizhen Huang

VISITING SCHOLAR E-MAIL: PHONE: 412-624-8182   EDUCATION: Tsinghua University, China   THINGS THAT ITCH ME: I want to be taller but I hate high heels ITCHY-FOOT DESTINATION: France and Japan! and everywhere that has tasty food ITCHING TO TRY: bungee jumping!!!